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Kartnataka - Land of Tigers

Karnataka is home to the most wild tigers on the planet in its many reserves. But the majestic beast - India’s national animal - is endangered, with its habitat under threat.

Sula has decided to take up the cause of the magnificent tiger with Kādu, India’s first “wine for a cause”. With each bottle of Kādu sold, Sula will contribute to tiger conservation within Karnataka. To ensure the optimum end-use of the funds contributed, Sula is collaborating with the Sanctuary Nature Foundation.

Sanctuary Nature Foundation

Legendary conservationist and founder of Sanctuary, Bittu Sahgal has joined hands with Sula founder and CEO Rajeev Samant to make this initiative a success.


Sanctuary Asia magazine was founded in 1981 by Bittu Sahgal at the behest of legendary conservationist Fateh Singh Rathore. Today Sanctuary serves as India’s leading nature and conservation portal, which communicates the rationale for wildlife conservation and environment protection on the Indian subcontinent. Sanctuary is at the fulcrum of countless wildlife conservation campaigns and projects and serves as a networking forum for wildlife groups, individuals and NGOs in India and overseas. In 2016, the Sanctuary Nature Foundation was established to take forward the Sanctuary legacy of conservation communication, advocacy and action.

Sanctuary, through the Mud on Boots Project, is empowering a network of grassroots conservationists across the country who are doing critical but unsung work. With Sula's support this network now extends to the Bhadra landscape of Karnataka where Project Leader Nagraj is spearheading diverse conservation efforts through collaborations with the forest department, NGOs and local communities.

Save the Tiger, one sip at a time!